Phelps And District Ex-Serviceman's Club Phelps Township Nipissing District
Redbridge, Ontario


President: Clinton Clark
Secretary/Treasurer: Judy Wardell
Board Chair: Sandy Mannering

Members at Large
Gord Mulcahey, Ab Depensier, Sheila Jessup, Lynn Wilson,
Ervil Boreland, Sarah Chancier, Natasha Price

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Membership Fee $25.00

*** Vets Club Bylaws ***

Our Vets Club Holds Community Events for All.

Such events as Jam Nights, Paint Nights, Snowshoe Golf, Family Game Day, Daffodil Dance, Holiday Parties, Card Nights, Darts and much more. It is your club which can be rented for any occasion or with a membership receive eligibility for one free yearly booking for an event of your choice.

Revised OBJECTIVES of CLUB and BYLAWS March 2020

Following are the proposed revisions of the Objectives and Bylaws
for the Phelps and District Veterans Club.
We wish the Members to review the revisions and approve through our formal voting process. Due to the current COVID-19 emergency situation globally, we are unable to conduct a formal voting process until we can reconvene a General Members Meeting. Stay tuned. Wishing all of you safety, health, strength and love as we continue through these trying times. Keep your spirits up as best you can  spring is here!

In order to provide an ongoing operating structure that hon ours the sacrifices, traditions and historic contributions that the Founding Members of the Vets Club established in 1956 and that has served the community of Phelps and District since its inception, the current Board of Directors have determined that all bylaws past and present should be reviewed, edited and approved by membership .

In July through November 2019 the Phelps and District Veterans Club Board of Directors undertook such a review to ensure they reflected the current vision and objectives of the Club, having evolved over several decades. The Board members reviewed and edited the current documents over the next few meetings, and have now agreed on a proposed set of revisions to reflect current values, vision and language so as to be more meaningful for Club Members and those partaking in Club activities and events.

The Board wishes to ensure long term sustainability of the Club, in terms of financial viability but also membership, and promote active engagement within and from the community. The Board also wishes to attract new members of all ages within the community, including youth and new residents of the area.

For the most part, revisions made can be categorized as cosmetic and modernized language. The Board has also worked to meet our objectives to support an increased membership for viability and enable community outreach, while ensuring the original founders objectives are maintained. The Board has done due diligence in choosing words carefully to maintain the original intent of the Club, while encouraging growth and engagement.


(a) TO establish, maintain and conduct a club for the accommodation, convenience and recreation of war veterans, their families, friends and all Community Members dedicated to upholding and supporting their abiding objectives.

(b) TO afford to all members all the usual advantages, conveniences and accommodation of a Club and community hall.

(c) TO associate and promote good fellowship among war veterans as well as Community Members and to preserve and honour the memories and incidents of former comradeship's.

(d) TO co-operate with other organizations having objectives, wholly or in part the same as or similar to the objects of the corporation.

(e) TO collect monies by way of donations, dues or otherwise and to hold and expand the same in furtherance of the objects of the Corporation.

(f) TO enter into any arrangements with any authorities, provincial, Municipal , local or otherwise, that may seem conducive to the Corporations objectives, and to obtain from any such authority any rights, privileges and concessions which the Corporation may think desirable to obtain and carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.

(g) TO assist in Community undertakings and in particular youth activities such as the girl guides, seniors activities and support, or other Community Objectives which the Executive and Membership deem appropriate under the guidelines of our guiding principles inherent within the Corporation. Note: Recreation objectives towards our Youth, Golden Age Club Initiatives, Library Initiatives, Womans Institute Initiatives, Educational Initiatives , Health Initiatives etc., would all be worthy of our consideration and potential support whenever possible.

The Vet's Club invites the community to join, to drop in,
and visit with friends and neighbors.

Consider becoming a member, it is our community club.

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