Phelps Township Fire Brigade


Phelps Volunteer Fire Brigade - Phelps Township

Phelps Volunteer Fire Brigade in Redbridge Ontario is a volunteer organization that is set up as an independent corporation. Governance of the Brigade is managed by a publicly elected Executive Board of Directors. The Board operates with both the Fire Chief and Deputy Chief in setting forward an operations budget. This budget in conjunction with the Local Service Board is presented for public approval on a yearly basis at an annual township meeting.

A firefighter team organized by the Fire Chief serves Phelps Township for both fire protection and fire prevention services. Fire calls, medical calls and motor vehicle accident calls are responded to by the Phelps Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The fire brigade team operates under both contracts and agreements with obligations to the Local Service Board, Ontario Fire Marshall Office, North Bay Ambulance Service, Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Provincial Police and the City of North Bay.

DAYTIME BURNING RESTRICTIONS - April 1st to Oct. 31st - Burn Only Between 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM

1. - The pile can only be 6 feet (2 meters) high by 6 feet wide (2 meters) in diameter
2. - The burn site must be at least 6 feet or 2 meters away from flammable materials or buildings
3. - You must have tools or water at the burn site
4. - Only brush, wood, leafs or wood by products can be burnt. ( NO garbage or plastics)
5. Burn only one pile at a time.

These are Ontario Provincial Laws under the Forest Fire Prevention Act and will be enforced under the MNR.


Five Publicly Elected
Board of Directors

Melissa Moulder - Fire Chief
Betty Burt - Treasurer
Mickey Sandula - Chairperson
Gary Mattinen - Vice Chairperson
Amada - Secretary
Sheila Jessup - Director

Mailing Address:

Phelps Volunteer Fire Brigade
9319 Hwy 63, Redbridge, ON P0H 2A0

Phelps township Fire Hall