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Business Directory - Phelps Township
Redbridge, Ontario

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Aultman Rental - 705.663.2763
Underground services, construction, excavating, landscaping, septic beds

Bent Toys - 705.663.1366
ATV and Sled parts

Camp Conewango
1875 Songis Road, RR1, Redbridge, Ontario, P0H 2A0

First Choice Moving & Storage (705) 663-2000
110 N River Rd Redbridge, Ontario,

Gary's Little Jig House
Fishing Jigs that catch fish - 705.663.1961

Redbridge General Store Inc

J & G Crafts - 705.663-.911
377 North River Rd. Redbridge, ON

Keith Benard Video and Photography

Keywake Services Hypnotherapy (705) 663-2631
129 Mountain View Rd

La Chaise Upholstry (705) 663-1367
9387 Hwy 63

Lens Mobile Welding (705) 663-1965

700 Songis Rd #D

Lee Ker Enterprises
Business established 1993 - Mining Tools
119 Pioneer Road, Redbridge, On

Redbridge Auto Wreckers
Auto Dismantling & Recycling - 705.663.2777

Redbridge General Store
General Goods/Gas/LCBO -705.663.2591

Redbridge Roofers - 705.663.2777

Reed Forestry - 705.663.1149
Harvests private land sells lumber and firewood

Redline Automotive -(705) 663-1526
601 Songis Rd, Redbridge, Ontario P0H 2A0

114 Kelly Road, Redbridge, Ontario P0H 2A0
705.663.1168 Email:

Karins Glass - Stained Glass Custom Work
Great for windows, wedding, birthday or seasonal gifts.
All are custom designed. Call: Karin 705.663.2696

Stephen Phillips Garage
Auto and Truck Repairs - 705.663.2688

Stop 63 - Convenience Store
705-663-1263 - 9303 Highway 63, Redbridge, ON P0H 2A0

Sugar & Spice Home Creations By: Chas & Brenna

SUN-GARD Window Tinting 705-663-1924
11 Mountainview Rd Redbridge North Bay , Ontario P0H 2A0

Toy Doctor
- 705.663.2361
ATV, Sleds, Motorcycles and Motor Repair

Turners Performance 705-663-2575
9127 Hwy 63 Redbridge, Ontario

William B Thompson Constr Ltd (705) 663-2276
Rr 1, Redbridge,ON

Werxwell Transport
158 Knox Road, Redbridge, ON

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