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Phelps Land Severance Working Committee

SEVERANCES UPDATE - As of June 3, 2016

On Monday May 30 2016 a Public Vote was held to determine if we are proceeding
per the PLSWC recommendations or not. Here are the results of the vote.

Voting turnout (in person, mail and email) was 20% of Phelps Township's 534 properties
- a total of 102 votes!

Votes in favour of proceeding per the recommendations were 75%, or 787 votes for Yes.

Votes not in favour were 25%, or 24 votes for No.

Given the solid feedback and support from the community, the PLSWC will continue
with the next steps as per the last presentation on May 12.


Contact: Gary Mattinen
(705)-663- 1961

1. Land Serverance Information Meeting

2. Final PLSWC Presentation for Public Meeting May12, 2016

3. Voting Ballot for those voting by mail (email or Canada Post)

4. Instructions on How to Vote

5. Voting Results from Public Vote held on May 30, 2016.

Land Severance
Working Committee 2017

  • Gary Mattinen - Chairperson
  • Kim Birmingham
  • Chad Guertin
  • Larry Lecappelain
  • Sandy Mannering
  • Barb Nixon - Scribe
  • Ray Ouellette


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