Phelps Township Nipissing Temiskaming  District Ontaario P0H2A0


Local Service Board - Phelps Township
Redbridge, Ontario

A local services board (LSB) is a volunteer organization that has the authority under the Northern Services Boards Act to deliver approved powers (services) to residents. These boards are set up in rural areas where there is no municipal structure to deliver services such as fire protection or garbage collection. Area residents vote to determine an LSB's boundaries.

Each LSB is unique in the services it offers its residents. Some LSB's choose to provide only one or two services while others can have up to the full nine services that are available under the Northern Services Boards Act.

Local Service Board Members

Laurie Wardell
Larry LaCapland
Bev Reynolds
Clinton Clark
Joe Wardell

Mailing Address:
Local Service Board,
31 Mountainview Rd,
Redbridge, ON, P0H 2A0

Laurie Wardell

Barred Owl Watching

What is a Local Services Board?
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines

Northern Service Board Act

Northern Services Boards Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER L.28
Local Service Board R.R.O. 1990, REGULATION 737

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