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Local Roads Board - Phelps Township
Redbridge, Ontario

The local roads board meets annually or as often as it considers necessary, inspect the local roads in the local roads area. The board may, within the limit of the money available to pay for such work and subject to the approval of the Minister, determine the work to be performed on local roads in the local roads area and enter into contracts for the performance of such work. Annual budgets are set and determine the amount of road work completed.

Each of the board members are elected in public meetings held annually. Monies from taxes and government determine the amount allowable for road work that is done over the budget year.

Local Roads Board Act Local Roads Boards Act

Roads Maintained: North Side Highway 63 - Travelling East
Evergreen Road - North River Road - Church Road - Pioneer Road - Cedar Drive - Rowley Road
- Knox Road Spruce Drive - Folkstone Road

South Side of Highway 63 - Travelling East
- Songis road - Sale Road - Tyes Road - Kawijas Road - Kelly's Road - Gibson Mill Road - Ypya Road
- Whitehouse Road - Fitzgerald Road - Glenvale Road - Mountainview Drive - Allen's Road
- Maple Drive - Pine Road - Old Mill Road

Spring/Summer Maintenance
Grading, Ditching, Gravel, Brushing, Beaver Dams, Culvert Replacement, Dust Control

Plowing - Sanding - Steam Culverts

NOTICE: By-Law Section 180 Highway Traffic Act If the MTO/LRB is required to bring out equipment to clean up from property owner plowing across the road, the property owner will be billed directly for the work.

NOTICE: Residences of Phelps Township be advised that RR 1 numbers are no longer valid for mailing purposes. Notify Deb Oulette at 705.663.1350 or the MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) directly at 1-866-296-6722, if you require address changes.

2020 PHELPS LOCAL ROADS BOARD – Spring 2020 Update

Annually, the Phelps Local Roads Board along with the Ministry of Transportation develops a Work Program and annual Budget for Roads Maintenance. The process begins with a Roads Tour in early spring to identify issues and areas that require attention. Cost estimates are then developed for the potential work items, along with prioritization based on need and previous years’ maintenance work. Working with MTO, our annual Phelps Local Roads Board Budget is finalized for the fiscal year to inform our final Work Program (ie what we can afford to do); which culminates in an approved Work Program for the Phelps Local Roads Board for the fiscal year.

Last fall (2019) the Phelps LRB committed to sharing the approved Work Program for the year with our community residents through a meeting in late spring, so that folks are aware of the budgeted roads work maintenance expected. Due to the COVID-19 emergency pandemic, we are unable to hold such a meeting, and therefore we are posting the Work Program here on the LRB site through our Phelps Township website ( If you have any questions please contact one of the Board Trustees below.

The contracts for this 2020 Work Program will be tendered as per government requirements, and we expect work will begin late May or early June for most of the gravel and ditching efforts, followed by calcium application on the roads in late June to help contain the dust before the summer season. As well, we have requested traffic counters on the 3 main township roads – Mountainview, North River and Songis Roads for July 1, to help inform any future funding opportunities that may arise.

Songis Road
Gibson Mill to Ypya farm house - M Gravel
Balsalm Creek bridge to far side of power line - M Gravel

Tyes Road – M Gravel top of hill to Cochrane’s

Sale Road – Ditching

Kelly Road – Remove rock

Folkstone Road - M Gravel to end where houses and well are

North River Road
Pioneer– 200 meters - M Gravel
Rowley’s to the end of North River - M Gravel

Rowley’s Rd – ditching hill

Maple Road - M Gravel 600 meters

Mountainview Road - M Gravel from bottom of big hill to end

If you have any questions, please contact the Phelps Local Roads Board.

Stay Safe!
Raymond Ouellette, Chairperson
Sandy Mannering, Trustee
Larry Douglas, Trustee

Ray Ouellette 705.663.1350

Phelps Local Roads Board,
c/o 90 Tyes Road,
Redbridge, ON,
P0H 2A0

Local Roads Board

Ray Ouellette
Sandy Mannering
Larry Douglas
Deb Ouellette

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