Landfill Site -  Phelps Township, Redbridge, Ontario


Phelps Non Profit Landfill Site
Redbridge, Ontario

Well over a decade of operations our landfill site is operated by generous volunteers who give their time to work at the site. Volunteers set up their own work schedules and flex time between each other to give a smooth operation that satisfies the residents and volunteers.

Recycling is part of the operation with marked container bins set aside for the materials. This is a all year operation that often serves both a social mix of meeting others at the site while disposing of materials. The landfill site is for community residents alone who have paid for a landfill permit.

Volunteers manage the area from a portable building where the resident is checked for a permit and the amount of materials are recorded in a log book. If you wish to volunteer and you live in the community you have an opportunity to do so by contacting the number below.

It is not only a landfill experience but a social experience when volunteering.
We welcome to new volunteers and thank you for being part of our landfill volunteers.

Contact: Judy 705.663.2219
If you are willing and able, remember that the landfill site
NEEDS MORE volunteers on a year round basis.

Eligible High School Students can get high school volunteer hours credited by volunteering.

Something to Note:

When taking recycles to the dump, watch for inside the right container. At times the supplied containers may come without separators. If so, look into the opening and make sure it is what you are dumping. Cardboard seems to work but without separators in the containers it may cost us more to have an extra worker on hand to separate the recycles.

When things get mixed up it takes a person to separate all that should have started separated. If we come together with the recycles into their separate spaces,
we can lower costs.

*** Absolutely NO Propane cylinders, Batteries, Paint Cans, Chemicals, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Humidifiers,De-humidifiers or  devices with freon gas.  All must go to North Bay Recycling Depot.


Remember to use the clear garbage bags
and say hello to your neighbors.

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